Hardware Testing Service


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Hardware Testing Service

This is for those not confident in testing their hardware for reliability/faults let our technicians will do this for you.

They test lots of computer hardware every day so you can have peace of mind it will be tested thoroughly and a report detailing any faults found can be provided if required to assist customers with warranty for hardware purchased elsewhere .

We use high capacity UPS power supplies when doing testing of hardware.

If you purchased your hardware elsewhere we might even be able  to help you with your warranty as many quality brand name components come through a handful of importers/suppliers and we deal with many of these companies regularly.

If we can verify your hardware is under warranty and you would like us to assist sending it directly to the supplier for warranty there is an additional fee of $55 which covers packaging and shipping to the supplier, emails/phone calls to follow up with them and return shipping to us on your behalf.



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NB: Virus/Malware infections & software issues caused by incorrect drivers, damages caused by power surges or damages caused by incorrect use or neglect are not covered by TCG warranty!