Patriot RGB DDR4 Ram Kit

Patriot Viper 16 Gig RGB DDR4 3000Mhz

$219.00 $165.00 Inc GST


Product Description

Patriot Viper OC Extreme RGB DDR4 3000Mhz 16 Gigabytes (2 x 8 Gigabyte Kit)

The Viper RGB Series has the most competitive specifications as it is the highest segment of Patriot OC DRAM product lines.

It will be offered in both white or black heat shields in 16GB dual kits

The Viper RGB Series heat shield was designed to illustrate our signature Viper head and our designers spent multiple hours to make sure it was immaculate.

With captivating angles and linear aesthetic, the front of the Viper RGB Series was inspired by our very own Viper logo.

The Viper RGB Series was made to stand out from the crowd of boring rectangles.

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