TCG Aorus Elite RTX3060 i7 5.0Ghz 16 Gigabyte ARGB Liquid Cooled Gaming System


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TCG Aorus Elite RTX3060 i7 Eight Core 5.1Ghz 16 Gigabyte ARGB Liquid Cooled Gaming System

Do you like playing current FHD & QHD games with really good FPS and be able to enjoy competitively playing them when it really counts?

Then our TCG Aorus Elite RTX3060 Eight Core i7 5.1Ghz ARGB Liquid Cooled Gaming System is suited to your needs and budget.

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  • Intel Eight Core i7 5.1Ghz Processor (8 Cores 16 Threads)
  • Gigabyte Aorus B560M Series M.2 Motherboard
  • Gigabyte Aorus Elite RTX3060 12 Gigabyte Graphics Card
  • Gigabyte Aorus ARGB DDR4 16 Gigabytes Gaming Memory
  • Gigabyte Aorus 512 Gigabyte NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive
  • Gigabyte Aorus 240 LCD Liquid CPU Cooler
  • Gigabyte C200 Tempered Glass ARGB Gaming Case
  • Gigabyte 850Watt 80+ Gold Modular Power Supply
  • Western Digital Blue 2 Terabyte Hard Drive
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Premium

All systems are professionally built by our technicians and they are thoroughly tested to ensure reliability & include proper cable management meaning your system will look the way a professionally built system is meant to look!


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