Sales and Installation

We can provide you with a wide range of products from leading manufacturers at very competitive prices! We can even arrange for delivery to your door. If you are located on the NSW Central Coast, we can also offer an installation & setup service by qualified and helpful technicians.

Upgrades and Rebuilds

Do you have an old tired computer that is running slowly or running out dated software & not sure if it needs replacing? We can provide you with a free assessment that will identify if it should be upgraded, rebuilt or replaced and none of your valuable data (emails, photo’s, documents, etc) will not be lost in the process.

Custom Built Systems

Are you a Gamer with a “Need 4 Speed”? Are you a Business or Demanding Home user who works with a large number of documents and image files that need to be open at the same time? Our technicians can tailor make a system to suit your individual needs, circumstances and budget.

Malware Removal

Is your computer running poorly? Are you getting ‘Pop-up Adds? Your system maybe infected with a virus or Malware! Our Virus & Malware Removal Service removes Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Riskware, Malware and Ransomware from your PC or Laptop and we provide antivirus & security solutions to protect against potential future infections.

Data Recovery

Has your hard drive started to fail or maybe you have deleted some important file(s) that you need back urgently? Well don’t panic! We can recover your valuable data. Due to the time it can take to recover lost data from drives, this service is not carried out on-site. In extreme cases (dead or non working drive) your drive may need to sent for recovery at a specialty facility that we partner with in extreme cases.

Remote Tech Support

Remote Support is offered to help resolve small issues to save you bringing your equipment in to us. We connect to your system over the Internet so we can assist you in a number of ways from printer and email configuration to checking system and backup status.